15 February 2010

New Singles

  1. Uffie 'Illusion of Love' : New single produced by Mirwais and featuring Matt Safer from The Rapture
  2. Holly Miranda 'Sweet Dreams' : Detroit born, Brooklyn resident indie rocker who plays trumpet and guitar..This song is cute.
  3. Kate Nash 'I Just Love You More' : New single from Kate off her upcoming album..Rockin!
  4. A Million Years 'Incandescent EP' : 3 song EP from up and comers from Brooklyn. Fans of Eels, Arctic Monkeys, Violent Femmes, blur, Doves...Great stuff! Can't wait for their debut album 'Mischief Maker' in June. www.amillionyears.net
  5. Washed Out 'Get Up': Song from the 'Life of Leisure EP'..Synthpoppy, male vocals. Love this song.

Yeasayer 'Odd Blood'

One word: Sick. This album came totally out of the blue for me. While reading through some of my favorite music blogs I came across a review for Yeasayer's new album 'Odd Blood'. If you've never heard of them before, don't feel bad. I hadn't either. They're from Brooklyn and, as rumor has it, cut from the same musical cloth as Animal Collective, Islands and Grizzly Bear. I suppose I can see the temptation to throw them in that indie box. The band Yeasayer reminds me most of is Bronski Beat. Remember them? If not, then download 'Smalltown Boy'. Imagine Bronski Beat remixed by Islands and MGMT and you get Yeasayer. They are pretty original sounding, however. Listen to the album with headphones on and be transported back to the 80's: Indie rock style. So many cool sounds, gorgeous harmonizing and interesting lyrical themes. This is the rare band that, with a few listens, can satisfy lovers of indie rock, the 80's, pop music and alternative rock. Highly recommended.

The Andrew Review: 98 out of 100

Best songs: Ambling Alp, Madder Red, Mondegreen, I Remember

14 February 2010

Angélo 'Time Bomb' (John Rizzo & VanCronkhite Radio RX)

Finally! The remixes are here! Check out the sick remix for Angélo's 1st single 'Time Bomb'. Coming to a club near you and available for purchase in the coming weeks!

New for Andrew: 14 February 2010

So, as usual, I've been spending much of my time lately checking out new music..Here's a list of some albums worth checking out:

  1. Yeasayer 'Odd Blood': Band from Brooklyn for fans of MGMT, Bronski Beat, Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear
  2. KD Lang 'Recollection': Best of collection from one my favorite voices of all-time
  3. Groove Armada 'Black Light': Not their best but still pretty hot. For fans of Basement Jaxx
  4. Massive Attack 'Heligoland': Possibly their best album to date start to finish
  5. Chew Lips 'Unicorn': For fans of New Young Pony Club and new wave

Lindstrøm and Christabelle 'Lovesick'

I'm told that the video for Lovesick by Lindstrom and Christabelle is made up of scenes from True Blood. I don't watch that show but I love this song. Lindstrom is a Norwegian DJ and Christabelle is a vocalist. Loving this album. Most of the album reminds me musically of Michael Jackson and italo disco. This song doesn't remind me of either..but it's hot.

Male Inequality

Out of all the videos Samantha Bee has done on The Daily Show, this one might be the funniest. I can't stop laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Only 12% Of Americans Think Obama Cut Their Taxes: POLL

What the fuck? I can't believe that number. That is simply unreal and so telling of so many things..W.O.W.

From Huffington Post:

Only 12 percent of the public say that the Obama administration has lowered their taxes since coming to office, despite the fact that the White House's stimulus package cut taxes for 95 percent of Americans, a new opinion survey found.

The rather remarkable number was part of aCBS/New York Times poll released on Friday and provides a somewhat dispiriting window into how the recession has altered political preceptions throughout the country. A tax cut of historic nature, passed by Congress last winter, has yielded few political benefits (and, some economists would argue, few economic ones as well).

In addition, the CBS/NYT poll found that 24 percent of respondents said that their taxes had actually increased under the Obama administration -- which is, again, not true. Fifty-three percent said their taxes stayed the same.

Pressed on these findings, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs largely skirted questions at his Friday press briefing about whether the administration had done a poor job selling its economic agenda to the public. Instead, he argued that the stimulus package had helped individuals in ways they could not tangibly see.

"I'd say [your pollsters] called the wrong people," Gibbs told CBS's Mark Knoller. "I think what happened and one of the things that I think will go through this bipartisan jobs process is state and local aid. If you look at last month's jobs report, the number of state and local government jobs lost was 41,000 out of that monthly jobs report. Because, I think in many cases, and you see now, too, the importance of something like state and local aid because, as bad as state budgets were last year, they're actually worse this year. So I think even as people may or may not have felt that the government failed them, they may have gotten something different from their state and local government in order to make up for a collective budget shortfall among the 50 states in something that exceeded $125 billion. So look, I think that...is it part of the frustration...95 percent of local people saw their taxes cut last year."

"What percent?" Knoller interjected.

"Ninety-five," said Gibbs. "But apparently only 12 percent felt it."